The FR215(a) is a front fill top unit resulting of many years of work on new transducers with our suppliers. This model can be used for front stage applications where high spl, high quality and reliability are needed. This cabinet is available in active (FR215a) or passive (FR215) thanks to the removable rear panel (active or passive module).
The particular horn shape optimizes coupling between boxes in order to createa constant curvature wavefront. That horn can rotate to adapt directivity
path and increase versatility (60°x40°).

Specifications: FR 215 (passive) FR 215A (active)
● Type: 2-way vented 4-way vented (3 ways active + 1 passive)
● Nominal Impedance: NC
● Power handling (1): 1.400W 2000W + 1000W
● Maximum power handling (2): 1.800W 3000W
● Peak power (3): 2.200W 3000W
● Frequency range (5): 50Hz-20kHz 40Hz-20kHz
● Sensitivity (6): 102dB spl 4πsr 102dB spl 4πsr
● SPL Program (7): 133dB 136dB
● SPL Peak (8): 139dB 142dB
● Directivity path: elliptical elliptical
● Horizontal coverage (9): 60° 60°
● Vertical coverage (10): 40° 40°
● Component LF: OEM 18Sound OEM 18Sound
● Low frequency device: 2X 15" woofer & 3" voice coil 2X 15" woofer & 3" voice coil
● Component HF: OEM BMS OEM BMS
● High frequency device: 1X 1,4" exit & 1,75" voice coil- 2X coaxial driver 1X 1,4" exit & 1,75" voice coil- coaxial driver
● Crossover frequency: 1,8kHz 250Hz-900Hz-3kHz
● Protection on LF: PPS© NO
● Protection on HF: PPS© PPS©
● Presets: -- --/ 8 presets
● Monitor positioning: -- --
● Line Connectors (active): -- 1IN, 1OUT Neutrik XLR
● HP Connectors (passive): 2X Speakon linked --
● Construction: MDF hydro 15mm + Birch plywood 24mm MDF hydro 15mm + Birch plywood 24mm
● Finish: Black (White on request) Black (White on request)
● Flying system: alone or cluster (with shackles) alone or cluster (with shackles)
● Mounting accessories: 5 hanging points 5 hanging points
● Weight: 67kg 67,5kg
● Dimensions (WxHxD): 538x1198x625 mm 538x1198x625 mm

(1) Two hours test nominal program power using a 60Hz-20kHz band pink noise test signal.

(2) Two hours according to our standart close to AES standard. Program power rating is mesured globally using a 60Hz-20kHz band pink noise test signal with 50% duty cycle (applied for 2 hours).

(3) The peak power rating represnts the maximum permitted instantaneous peak level over a maximum period of 10 ms which will be withstood by the bass section without damage and 2 ms which will be withstood by the high section without damage.

(4) Produce by the PPS© protection when works.

(5) Within ± 3dB

(6) Average axial sensitivity@ 1 W/ 1m 4πsr for tops and 2πsr for sub bass.

(7) Average maximum axial spl @full power.

(8) Crest transient spl @full power.

(9) Theoretical dispersion.

(10) Theoretical dispersion.

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