Key Features

  • Compact 2-way FOH system
  • Suitable for Mobile and Portable use
  • Fixed installation
  • Mirror monitor configuration
  • Tiltable pole monts
  • Passive / Active + Dante
  • Drivers Tailor made in Italy
  • AF network Manager
  • Powered by Powersoft

The VENU 8(a) is a 2 ways top unit for PA, parties, cafes and rental companies that need high return on investment.

This cabinet is available in self-powered (VENU 8a), passive (VENU 8) or Fine tuning version with Dante (VENU 8d)

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Multi-functional, it can be used as a single top, as a full range PA or even as a stage monitor - following your venue.

Hosting tailor-made transducers made in Italy, despite their compact size, VENU series reach exceptional sensitivity and sound quality.

The two-way Powersoft built-in amplifier is managed by AUDIOFOCUS DSP that uses SHARKS technology for zero latency filtering IIR and FIR.

AUDIOFOCUS Manager software is user-friendly to help customers to setup Eq, delay and phase adjustments.

SpécificationVenu 8(a)
Description 2-way vented Passive/Active
Transducers LF: 1x 8’’ (B&C custom made),
1’’ compression driver
Frequency range @ -3dBspl Passive: 67 Hz - 20 kHz
Active: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
Nominal Impedance Passive: 8 Ω
Active: 500W RMS / 800W Peak
Power handling RMS/Peak Passive: 400W RMS / 800W Peak
Sensitivity 1W/1m 95dBspl
SPL@ RMS Passive: 121 dB
Active: 122,5 dB
SPL Peak (Burst crest factor*) Passive: 128 dB(1)
Active: 133 dB(2)
Dispersion (h x v) @-6dB spl 80° conical
Protection LF/HF Passive: PPS©
Monitor positioning 40° L and R angles (mirror wedge)
Connectors Active: Analog AES (XLR & Link) or Dante (2 x RJ45)
Birch Plywood 15 & 24mm
Construction Black polyurethane coating UV resistant
Finish 430 x 275 x 290 mm
Dimensions (h x w x d) 16,77’’ x 10,82’’ x 11,41’’
Weight Passive: 10,1 kg / 22.3 lb
Active: 11,5 kg / 25.4 lb

* measured burst spl in HPF mode: 1) 7 dB crest factor. 2) 11 dB crest factor. 3) 8 dB crest factor. 4) 10 dB crest factor.

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