High performance touring / installation column PA system

TransducersHF: 1 x 6.5” AMT • LMH: 2 x 6” • LF : 3 x 6″
SPL peak / 1m (measured)135.5 dB preliminary
Nominal directivity (-6dB)H: 120° • V: +5°/-20°
Weight 22.5kg / 49.6lbs
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Carys C6 is a high-performance passive column loudspeaker offering line-array power and directivity in a convenient, discreet design.

The first system in its class to employ 6” drivers, Carys C6’s acoustic output is augmented by the use of Tetracoil Double Voice Coils to achieve an impressive peak SPL, while its unique design gives extremely broad, smooth horizontal coverage and tight vertical pattern control. As a naturally cardioid column solution, Carys C6 delivers exceptional intelligibility and clarity, even when deployed close to walls or corners.

The C6 column has a quick lock system for secure connection onto a C15LSa (active) or C15LS (passive) LF/Sub, creating a plug n’ play full range solution. The self-powered C15LSa provides power to the C6 for maximum convenience, while C15LS is ideal when using C6 with AUDIOFOCUS A-series rack amplifiers.

Carys C6 is built in Belgium by skilled craftspeople and state-of-the-art machinery before being coated in tough, weather-resistant polyurea to safeguard your investment.


• High SPL in a compact footprint
• Streamlined system for fast setup / installation
• Floor / wall / balcony mounting
• Tetracoil double voice coil technology
• Exclusive Air Motion Transformer driver with super-fast transient response + ultra-low harmonic distortion
• Custom engineered horn / waveguide for precision pattern control
• Full range cardioid vent design reduces reflections to side / rear walls and increases intelligibility
• Increased gain before feedback when used to reinforce headset / lavalier mics
• Quick lock system for secure connection to C15LS / C15LSa LF/Sub

Technical specifications

DescriptionHigh performance passive column PA system
Transducers HF: 1 x 6.5” AMT • LMH: 2 x 6” • LF : 3 x 6″
Frequency range (-6dB)80 Hz- 20 kHz
Nominal directivity (-6dB)H: 120° • V: +5°/-20°
SPL peak (1)135.5 dB preliminary
ProcessingDedicated AUDIOFOCUS SCiO presets
RiggingM6 threaded inserts for rigging accessories (wall mount, rigging bar)
Connectors2 × 4-point speakON (top + bottom options for discreet cabling in fixed installations)
Nominal Impedance8 Ohm
Rear cardioid rejection10dB average from 63 to 500Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)1267 x 197 x 245 mm
49.88 x 7.76 x 9.65 inches
Weight 22.5kg / 49.6lbs
FinishHighly resistant polyurea coating

CabinetHigh grade birch plywood

(1) Peak level measured at 1m full space, max 3dB compression using multi-tone

AMT – Air Motion Transformer HF Driver

Developed specially for Carys, this Air Motion Transformer (AMT) design sets a new benchmark for HF driver quality and reliability.

A unique magnetic structure and the strongest Neodymium magnet, together with the highest quality membrane components, raise the bar for planar high frequency reproduction with the lowest possible distortion and an unmatched transient response.

  • Planar Exit
  • Super fast Transient response
  • Extremely low harmonic distortion
  • Super accurate control directivity
  • P.I. membrane

TTC – Tetracoil voice coil

AUDIOFOCUS has employed Tetracoil Double Voice Coil (TTC) technology  in both the C6 and C15LS to achieve Carys’ high output and low distortion.

TTC is based on an innovative magnetic structure where two different inside-outside voice coils are wound on the same former and suspended evenly in the two magnetic gaps.

Key benefits of TTC include:

  • Higher acoustic output compared with traditional voice-coil drivers.
  • Excellent thermal dissipation and reduction of thermal distortion, resulting in 50% more output at high power.
  • Ideal motor symmetry over large displacement, providing flat inductance and minimal even-order distortion.
  • Reduced intrinsic distortions and DC component offsets for extreme linear excursion with maximum low frequency SPL.
GLL file
C6 Preliminary

Gll • 1.6 Mo • 13/06/2023

Technical sheet

PDF • 1.4 Mo • 09/01/2023

A Series Output Chart

PDF • 151 Ko • 20/12/2022

SCiO Presets

Zip • 45 Ko • 09/01/2023

Armonia Presets

Spk3 • 6 Ko • 13/07/2023

A Series
Operation manual V1.1

PDF • 11 Mo • 09/01/2023