Belgian loudspeaker manufacturer, Audiofocus has announced the launch of its Isolde AP108 range of powerful 2-way, 8” point source loudspeakers for live sound and installation.

Designed to deliver high sound pressure levels in a small footprint, Isolde AP108 mounts a premium 8” LF transducer incorporating Tetracoil voice coil technology to achieve a peak SPL of 129dB. The chosen neodymium magnet 1.4” exit HF transducer has a 2.4” voice coil and is from the same family as the drivers employed in the company’s recently launched column PA and constant curvature series, ensuring a uniform audio signature across the Audiofocus range.

AP108’s distinctive asymmetrical design allows it to be deployed vertically or horizontally or placed onstage as a wedge monitor. A bespoke 3D printed waveguide ensures rigid 90o x 60o coverage and can be quickly rotated according to the application. Isolde AP108 is offered in self-powered and passive live versions with integral grab handles and bi-angled pole mounts, or as a dedicated installation variant with clean lines and optional ceiling or wall mounts.

“By opting for a true 2-way configuration and harnessing the benefits of Tetracoil technology, we’re able to deliver significantly higher SPL when measured like-for-like against the market leading 8-inch coaxial speakers,” explains Audiofocus founder and CEO, Ann Leroy. “Our unique horn also permits a degree of control and projection that coax cabinets cannot match.”

Audiofocus sales manager, Håkan Sjöö adds, “Isolde AP108 is a smart, versatile concept that deserves to be the go-to point source speaker for rental companies and integrators. Whether it’s serving as the main PA for smaller events, doubling up as a stage monitor, or slotting in as a fill cabinet alongside our flagship systems, there’s always a place for such a compact, powerful speaker.”

Isolde AP108 is made using high grade birch plywood at Audiofocus’ headquarters in Belgium and is available to order now.

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