B 18i

Flyable 18” installation LF extension for ARES 8 line arrays

TransducersLF : 1 x 18″
SPL peak / 1m (measured)132 dB
Weight53.8kg / 118.61lbs
RiggingFrom 0 to 5°
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B 18i is a compact, powerful LF extension for installed ARES 8i line arrays, enhancing the system’s low end response and directivity.  ARES 8i and B 18i unite with S / MTSub Series subs to form a consistent, high performance, 4-way install line array system.  B 18i is fully compatible with the ARES 8i rigging system and can be flown alongside, on top of or behind ARES 8i elements, or deployed in ground stack / standalone configurations.

The B 18i houses a long excursion 18″ neodymium driver and combines front diffusion, bass reflex, and transmission line design for ultimate efficiency and performance.

B 18i is built with pride in Belgium and coated in tough, weather-resistant polyurea to safeguard your investment. The cabinet front is protected by a rigid metal grill, backed by acoustically transparent foam.

We recommend AUDIOFOCUS or Powersoft amplifiers for use with B 18i.


  • LF extension for ARES 8i
  • Flown or ground stacked
  • Passive
  • Integrated rigging

Technical specifications

DescriptionInstall LF extension for ARES 8i
Transducers LF: 1 x 18″
Frequency range (-6dB)55Hz-100Hz
SPL peak (1)132 dB
ProcessingDedicated AUDIOFOCUS SCiO and Armonia/Powersoft presets
Rigging0 or 5° inter-cabinet angle positions
Connectors2 × 4-point speakON
Nominal Impedance8ohm
Watt AES/peak600/2400W
Dimensions (H x W x D)510 x 650 x 705 mm
20.07 x 25.59 x 27.75 inches
Weight53.8kg / 118.61lbs
FinishHighly resistant polyurea coating

CabinetHigh grade birch plywood

(1) Peak level measured at 1 m under free field conditions using pink noise with crest factor 5

Powersoft Presets
B 18i

Zip • 3 Ko • 20/12/2022

SCiO Presets
B 18i

Zip • 3 Ko • 20/12/2022