An AUDIOFOCUS column loudspeaker system has recently been installed as part of an audio upgrade for the Santo Volto Congress Center in Turin, Italy. The 700-seat Congress Center sits within the post-modernist Santo Volto complex built for the Archdiocese of Turin and completed in 2006.

Comprehensive sound reinforcement for a unique space

AV integrator, Audio Conika was commissioned to design and install an updated audio system capable of delivering higher sound pressure levels and excellent intelligibility for the conferences and live music performances hosted at the venue. The archdiocese also stressed the importance of minimising the visual impact on the aesthetics of the main auditorium, which was designed by prominent architect, Mario Botta. With its high ceilings and no possibility of mounting delay speakers, the Santo Volto Congress Center presented Audio Conika with a very specific set of sound reinforcement challenges.

Working closely with Italian pro audio distributor, Audio Link, the Audio Conika team selected a pair of AUDIOFOCUS Carys C6 column speakers, each mounted on a floor standing C15LSa subwoofer. The self-powered C15LSa provides amplification to its partner C6 column, reducing the need for external amplifiers and cabling. This was the first project in Italy to employ the Carys system.

“The Carys series is an excellent fit for this project, combining a clean, discreet look with the power and precise directivity needed to achieve even coverage across the 700 seats. The Tetracoil double voice coils in the C6 column’s five 6” drivers help it deliver a remarkable peak SPL for its size and the 6.5” Air Motion Transfer HF driver gives the definition and intelligibility we were looking for in the higher frequencies”.

“Setup was surprisingly quick; we were ready with our usual audio analyzer system to measure and optimize the cabinets, but apart from delay alignment for the two front fills and some small EQ adjustments to adapt to the room acoustics, the system was ready to go. As we conducted further tests, we were impressed by the incredible gain before feedback, even when roving mics were held close to the speakers. We’re proud to have helped Audio Conika to provide the Santo Volto Congress Center with a major audio uplift with zero impact on the fabric of this remarkable building.”

AUDIOFOCUS Cyris CX6 for sound reinforcement

Two compact AUDIOFOCUS Cyris CX6 coaxial loudspeakers complete the installation. Measuring just 74mm high, the CX6 speakers are positioned at the front of stage, providing sound reinforcement for audience members in the middle of the first few rows.