Compact touring 2-way 8″ self-powered point source loudspeaker

TransducersLF: 1 x 8’’ Tetracoil
HF: 1.4” exit / 2.4” voice coil
SPL peak/1m129dB Mtone 12dB crest factor
Weight12.5kg / 28lbs
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Isolde AP108a is a powerful, compact, active point source loudspeaker with the versatility to excel in countless short throw live and installation scenarios. A premium 8” LF transducer incorporating Tetracoil technology ensures best-in-class SPL and massive headroom. The chosen neodymium magnet 1.4” exit throat / 2.4” voice coil HF transducer is from the exceptional family of drivers employed in our flagship touring series, sharing the same acclaimed intelligibility and audio signature across the range.

As a 2-way loudspeaker, Isolde outshines rival coax designs with superior control and directivity. This precision is augmented by a custom engineered, 3D printed horn concept, enforcing rigid control over the speaker’s coverage pattern.

The ability to quickly rotate the horn through 90°, coupled with its unique cabinet shape, allows AP108a to do double duty as a compact wedge monitor. A range of wall, ceiling and pole mounting options underlines Isolde AP108a’s readiness to perform wherever high SPL is needed in a small package.

Intuitive SCiO software enables remote control and monitoring of AP108a’s integral amplifier from any device.

Isolde AP108a is made in Belgium using birch plywood for peerless rigidity and audio transparency.


  • Versatile point source /compact monitor
  • Tetracoil voice coil for high SPL / headroom
  • Rotatable custom precision horn
  • Ceiling / Wall / Pole mount options
  • SCiO remote control WebUI

Technical specifications (Preliminary information)

Description2 way self-powered point source loudspeaker
TransducersLF: 1 x 8’’ Tetracoil
HF: 1.4” exit throat / 2.4” voice coil
Frequency range (-6dB)55 Hz -20 kHz
SPL peak (1)129dB
ProcessingDedicated AUDIOFOCUS presets
RiggingOptional ceiling mount / vertical yoke / pole mount 0° and 5° tilt
Audio connectorsIN: 1×3-point XLR
LINK: 1×3-point XLR
Network connectors1 x etherCON for control
Power connectorsIN: 1×3-point powerCON TRUE1TOP
LINK: 1×3-point powerCON
Watt AES/peakLF : 350/1400
HF : 80/320
Dimensions (H x W x D)260mm x 495mm x 250mm
10.2 x 19.5 x 9.8 inches
Weight12.5kg / 28lbs
FinishHighly resistant polyurea coating
CabinetHigh grade birch plywood

(1) Mtone 12dB crest factor with compression of 2dB average

Technical sheet

PDF • 423 Ko • 12/03/2024

Firmware update SCiO
+ Procedure guide

ZIP • 5.9 Mo • 09/04/2024
PDF • 143 Ko • 09/04/2024