Powersoft Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D *

2400W/4-channel installation amplifier with DSP and Dante™

Max unclipped output voltage @8 Ω100 Vpeak
Output power per channel800 W @ 2 Ω
600 W @ 4 Ω
600 W @ 8 Ω
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Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D is a 4-Channel, Class D power amplification platform designed for small to medium scale installations where system flexibility is a must. Custom presets ensure quick setup and seamless performance when paired with AUDIOFOCUS’ passive and bi-amplified installation loudspeakers.

The Quattrocanali Series operates with both Lo-Z and 70V/100V distributed lines, or any mix of the two. Quattrocanali amplifiers also feature patented SRM (Smart Rail Management) technology, which recycles the reactive energy coming back from the loudspeakers, helping lower overall power consumption, reducing heat dissipation, and keeping operating costs to a minimum.

Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D offers extensive amplifier control, as well as system and load monitoring via PC and ArmoníaPlus.


  • Fixed frequency switch-mode output stage for high grade sound accuracy.
  • Compact 1RU format.
  • Light weight – for easier racking and shipping: 7 kg (15.4 lbs)
  • Standard Phoenix connectors: analog audio outputs, aux supply, alarms and GPIO.
  • Remotely switchable double input (main and aux) per channel.
  • Dante™ digital audio networking.